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Integrating Business Strategy and Cloud Technology
What We Do
What We Do

Our clients contact us because we get them the most out of their software investment, and that saves them money & streamlines their business processes so they can grow their companies.

We have over 1,000 implementations in the small business and mid-market space. -As one of Bob Scott’s top 100 Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), we offer some serious advantages not found anywhere else.

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Our Process
Our Process

We always start by listening to your pains. This helps us to understand your business development needs.


Together, we roll up our sleeves with you and determine your workflow based on our discovery. Our analysis helps us make the right recommendation.


Since we’re consultants, we make non-biased recommendations based on our discovery. Depending on the project, we can take several routes after this point. -All this is free of charge, so let’s talk!

Your Cloud ERP/CRM NetSuite partner.

Sererra is a 5 Star NetSuite partner. That means we are a top consultant with domain expertise and implementations across manufacturing and distribution, vendor managed inventory, event management, rental and repair management and accounting software. In fact, we've been included again in Bob Scott's Top Value Added Resellers 2013 because we've worked hard to build our suite of cloud ERP and CRM software add-ons, while consistently helping our clients meet complex business requirements. When you buy your Cloud solution from us, you'll get some serious value added solutions that will help you sleep at night, knowing that you got the very most out of your software investment.

There really is no project too big or too small. Find out how we can help you by requesting a demo to see Sererra in action.

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Our Customers
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management

    An outstanding CRM system is not born, it is molded and crafted around your business's unique processes. Out-of-box, many cloud CRM solutions share similar features and functionality; however, building a powerful CRM strategy requires careful thought and consideration. Successful CRM initiatives take a focused plan and precise execution. Enter Sererra.

    Align your people to your processes to your technology. Gain insight and intelligence like never before. Capture meaningful information in a single customer record. Extract knowledge and share it across your organization with ease. From sales to customer service, every interaction, every transaction is captured. Information is retrievable from a single point of truth. Measure your success with an intelligent analytics system that generates reliable metrics and KPIs to help you run your company and make informed decisions.

    Sererra has helped free companies of the hassle of managing and expense of maintaining the traditional client/server model by employing the Cloud to run their businesses. Take your business to the next level with Sererra's cloud transformation expertise and modernize your business systems to take full advantage of the cloud.

  • Accounting Software

    Accounting software is the building block for business. Cloud accounting software really shines when it’s time to get ERP insights into financial reports. Imagine a financial dashboard that lets you monitor and manage financial performance in real time – and gives you deep metrics of your Key Performance Indicators. Gain analytics and reporting, payment management, and a complete quote-to-cash system within a cloud financial system. Besides streamlining and scaling businesses, cloud accounting software has saved companies millions of dollars in software cost, labor, time, IT/server room maintenance costs – and tons of headaches.

    Sererra is partnered with all the best accounting software publishers, so we can help you narrow you search and determine your ROI. Once we gain an understanding of your goals, we take a “best of breed” approach, which helps us recommend custom solutions based on our expert knowledge of software publishers together with our exclusive suite of business apps that we’ve developed.

  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

    What is ERP? Think of ERP as the computer software in the brain of the modern car. That car’s brain, if you will, is completing hundreds of thousands of processes per second. ERP, or “Enterprise Resource Planning,” is the computing brain for your business.

    Accompanied with that brain are parts like an engine, transmission, and radiator. Those parts are managed and monitored by the software, much how scanning guns are used to receive inventory. Then the car has “drivers,” or employees. ERP’s “computer software brain” automates many processes without a physical action in order for those processes to be completed. In essence: “enterprise” means business, “resource” means people, equipment and monies, and “planning” means to calculate, foresee, and organize.

    A good ERP gives you the ability to administer your business, from accounting to the granular details of manufacturing, to present data. An Enterprise Resource Planning solution processes data in order for you to streamline your business while having a bird’s eye view of how your business is operating. Sererra has over ten years of helping businesses scale and grow. In fact, we have over 700 successful implementations – helping bring businesses to the Cloud, which grants real-time access to business intelligence. And because we’re a 5 Star NetSuite partner, we’re confident we can help you meet your goals no matter how aggressive they are.